Pre Millwall Press Conference

I went to my first Malky Mackay press conference at the Vale today and what a breath of fresh air the guy is. I went to a few Dave Jones conferences before when he was manager and the atmosphere here was completely different. Malky seems more at ease and willing with the media and just a genuinely nice guy who is eager to do well at the club.

Here are the entire quotes from what Malky and Mark Hudson had to say prior to the Millwall game tomorrow:

Malky Mackay:

Mark Hudson:

The whole atmosphere there seemed much calmer than that under the previous manager and Malky has also put his own touch on the training complex itself.

I instantly noticed that there were photos of the team all over the place, blown up onto big canvases and put on the walls. Pictures ranging from a pre-match huddle, to the team celebrating a penalty shootout win. Here are some examples that I took photos of:

This kind of thing was never there under Jones and whether it has any impact on the players I don’t know. But it’s just another little change that either Mackay or someone he’s brought in has made.

There were also a lot of inspirational speeches blown up big on the walls too. This photo I took shows one by Michael Jordan.

Whether having these pictures and speeches around the place makes a difference we’ll never know, but it’s something that can hopefully encourage and inspire the team. Who knows maybe at the end of the season there might be a photo put up of the team celebrating a playoff final win. I can dream anyway.

All photographs taken by myself.

One thought on “Pre Millwall Press Conference

  1. Great insight into what happens at a Press Conference. Interesting to see the changes made by Malky and to hear the interviews.

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